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Exotic Animal Shows

At Adventure In Fun we bring fascinating animals directly to you! Our shows are a fun & educational experience designed to educate and encourage people to engage and interact with nature around them. There are a lot of misconceptions about many of these animals and we want to show you that these animals aren’t as scary as some people believe. Our experienced handlers give the audience a chance to meet and get hands-on education with some really cool animals that are usually only seen behind glass. We have a wide range of exotic animals in a variety of shapes and sizes including cute little geckos, aquatic turtles, frogs, tortoises, arachnids, tropical birds, an adorable ferret, small and huge snakes and even an American Alligator. Safety is a first priority and we are fully insured, removing any chance of liability from you.


We have pre-packaged sets of show animals, but any show can be customized to include your favorite animals.


 View Some Video Of Our Recent Animal Shows

Basic Reptile Show

  • 30 minute presentation

  • includes 6 unique species of reptile

  • interesting facts and brief audience interaction with each animal

  • mostly smaller species


Our usual stars include a painted turtle, red footed tortoise, leopard gecko, bearded dragon, normal and albino ball python and a Columbian tegu

Basic Exotic Animal Show

  • 45 minute presentation

  • 8 exotic animals

  • Including tropical bird, tarantula and ferret along with reptiles

  • interesting facts and brief audience interaction with each animal

  • mostly smaller species 


This presentation is a brief glimpse into the wild world of exotic animals. Most of these animals have very unique needs so it’s difficult to keep them in captivity. One of our experienced handlers teaches the audience interesting facts about these fascinating animals and allows for brief audience interaction. The show gives us a look at reptiles such as turtles, lizards and snakes; we also have some very cute amphibian friends, invertebrates and some feisty parrots.


This is a 45 minute presentation; it includes up to 8 unique reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and parrots

Premium Reptile Presentation

If you’re hoping to see some cool reptiles this is the package for you! This is a larger array and has bigger species than the basic reptile show. A team of our experienced handlers will introduce you to a member of all 4 of the reptile families including snakes, turtles, lizards and even a crocodilian! This allows much more time for audience participation than the basic packages.  Some of these guys get a little wild, so make sure the cameras are ready!


The presentation is 60 minutes. 

***Optional 30 minute segment for photo opportunities and holding the animals.

Premium Exotic Animal Show

This Presentation is the widest variety of animals we can bring! A team of our handler’s puts on an educational comedic routine with the coolest animals we have at our disposal. It includes everything from the Premium reptile package, amphibians, arachnids, mammals, invertebrates and larger parrots. This allows much more time for audience participation than the basic packages.  These larger animals seem to be everyone’s favorite and sometimes they’ll even show off their tricks!


This is an hour long presentation. 

***Optional 30 minute session allowing for touching and holding the animals. There are plenty of opportunities for photos.

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