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Balloon Workshops

Would you like to learn to sculpt balloons too?

Dustin Queary of Simply Shonna Flanigan can teach you individually or in small to large groups.  They have beginner classes and more advanced classes.  


We will cater workshops for ages 7 to 100. 

***Children's birthday parties-- We suggest a maximum of 15 kids.  The designs taught are tailored to your particular age group.  We suggest that the workshop is 1 hour of instruction and then 1 hour of Dustin or Shonna making designs for the guests.  If requested, we can supply additional balloon kits and educational DVD's.  

***Beginner Workshops for the budding balloon twisting professional or as a hobby--We offer 4 hours of instruction starting with the basics of balloon sculpting.  In four hours we will teach you a variety of techniques that will help you to create and recreate designs on your own.  This workshop is best for groups of less than 20 people. 

***Workshops for balloon decor--We will teach you about a variety of balloons, supplies and equipment.  In the workshop we will also build some standard columns and arches.  The workshop is an all day event.

***Advanced Workshops--These are designed to be builds or installations for events.  They are themed designed and cater to the individuals exiting skills while building on new techniques and ideas.

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